Thoughts in Rhyme

And then the big guy by the tree
Entertained them all
With scary tales ‘bout getting’ there
Including his close call.

Of hiring out to Spielberg
For a western he would shoot
And tumbling cross the prairie,
Barely missing the Duke’s boot!
I knew the hour was getting late,
‘Twas time for me to go.
And after all, the tumbleweeds
WEREN’T putting on a show.
And since that time, some years ago,
When tumbleweeds go by,
I think of that convention
And still I ponder – WHY??


I was driving on the interstate
When right in front of me,
A giant tumbleweed rolled past
And smacked into a tree!
I checked my rear-view mirror.
First I couldn’t see athing,
Was getting in full swing.
I pulled off to the roadside
And I TRIED hard not to stare,
But I’d never SEEN a gathering
As large as that one there.
Tumbleweeds of every size
Were lounging in the shade.
I guess that they were waiting
For the next speech to be made.
Whole families stuck together
(the kids with Mom and Dad),
The closest family gathering
They’d prob’ly ever had.