Numbers are his strong suit
And my strong suit is words.
He loves collecting records,
I love feeding the birds.

Tho we are very different,
One thing remains the same;
While he is Chuck, I’m Jeanie,
We share the same last name.
Another thing in common,
We trust and love our Lord.
Perhaps it was this reason
God granted this reward:
A deep love for each other
And friendship strong and true,
The ability to listen
To each other’s point of view.
We’ve had a long-time marriage
Since June of ’62.
We’ve been each other’s best friend
Through all that time, it’s true!
The children started coming
One, two, three and then ‘twas four.
Our family was complete now
And we couldn’t ask for more.
It seems they grew so quickly,
We were busy every day
With Little League and Drama;
The years just flew away.
Time came our nest was empty.
Children left as it should be.
They found their places in the world…
Once more it’s HE and ME.


Thoughts in Rhyme



Written as a valentine to Chuck, 2019.