Thoughts in Rhyme


A heart-wrenching sight
Last Halloween night
I saw as I opened the door -
Three little lads
Pushed in chairs by their dads
(A scene I'd not witnessed before).

They were very polite
That Halloween night
As they thanked me, then wheeled away.
I whispered a prayer
Of thanksgiving there
For dads who made special their day.

The TRICK that was played
Was a trip heavy-laid
On children whose legs couldn't run.
The TREAT was the joy
Shown by each little boy
Cause they still could partake of the fun.

​                       *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 

One Halloween I opened the door to find three young boys who were trick-or-treating in wheelchairs. As I closed the door, I was struck by the contrast of the excitement in their faces and the unfortunate circumstances that they must live with every day.