Thoughts in Rhyme

More Thoughts in Rhyme is filled with poems which demonstrate so well Jeanie’s ability to express our thoughts and feelings in words.  As a physician I found ‘Fibromyalgia’ captured perfectly the emotions of patients I have known with this problem.” 
              -- Victor Albertazzi, MD

"Your poetry took my mind off a very trying time during my chemotherapy experience. I was most grateful. Keep those poems coming. I very much look forward to the birth of the next one."

​             -- Mary Scott

“If laughter is the best medicine, then More Thoughts in Rhyme is the best medical book you’ll ever find.”
              -- Jack Fabian, Humor Columnist

“Jeanie’s poetry has been able to reach some of my students and teachers better than classic literature on any assigned reading list.  Her poetry resonates with their thoughts, feelings, and desires in a much more profound and magical way.”
              -- Dennis Burns, Retired High School Principal & Lifelong Educator

“Jeanie is a woman in touch with reality, blessed with common sense, spiritual depth, and warm and playful humor. In her new book, More Thoughts in Rhyme, she speaks to the hearts and daily experience of fellow travelers, female or male, young or old, across diverse cultures, religions, and social class. Jeanie, thanks for sharing your loving heart with us.”
              -- Rev. Gerald L. Brown, S.S., Ph.D., St. Patrick’s Seminary and University

“The poems capture a spirit that has joy in nature, a resolve to see the miracle, a gift to see the beauty in relationship, and a determination to express love and improve the world beyond just her own corner of it.”
              -- Lisa Poll, Founder of 

"Reading Jeanie's poems is like hearing a person call out from the path ahead of us.  Someone assuring us that the route, though at times bitter-sweet, is manageable and more importantly, that we are not walking it alone."
              -- Bill Myers, Award-Winning Author

"The friends that I gave your book to have all told me how much they have enjoyed it.  One of my friends said she and her daughters spent an afternoon together reading and laughing.  Thanks for providing me with the perfect gift to give."
              --  Cheryl Karleskint, Lincoln, CA

"Jeanie, thank you for coming to touch the lives of so many of us."

              -- Tianna Nelson, High School Psychologist

"I am 16 years old and a future writer.  I just hope that my stories will be as emotional and immense as yours.  Thank you for expressing yourself through words and inspiring people like me.  Appreciation greatly given."
              -- Taline Augereau, Student

"Jeanie has captured the essence of everyday life - the humorous, the serious and the tragic.  She has done it in a way that is totally understandable and real.  Her poetical writing carries with it a snapshot of her own inner spirit and that writing and spirit makes this book what it is - a joy to read."
              -- Jerry Mullins, Retired Teacher, Counselor & Writer

"So often when I have finished reading certain poems, I think, 'Sounds nice, but what does it mean?'  Not so with your refeshing, straight-from-the-heart poetry.  It is a delightful mix of humorous, heart-warming and inspirational verse."
              -- Darlene Bursch

"I often enjoy reading from your book at bedtime.  I can't really tell which 'thought' is my favorite, but I do love your poetry." 
              -- Marian Finn, Retired Teacher

"I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your poetry.  I think you have a gift and I know it has brought pleasure to you, but most of all you have shared it with others."
              -- Georgia Wren

"These wonderful poems have brought laughter and joy, hope and consolation to the author's many friends, relatives and others willing to open themselves up to her thoughts.  She has a kind and gentle heart."
              -- Edna Calfee, Between the Bookends

"Jeanie Robertson just keeps getting better.  Her new book is a gem -  witty, thoughtful, sensitive.  She has a marvelous sense of the world around her and has the incredible ability to put it all into words (that rhyme)."
              -- Eleanor Mullins 

"Jeanie has a particular gift of seeing everyday life situations in a humorous and spiritual light.  I own both of her poetry books and can't wait for her next one."
              -- Myrna Ericksen